I liked the trip to China, even though I worked most of it.

However, my biggest disappointment…one which will be evident in the photograph here…is the fact that the glorious scenery and color is simply not photographable.  At least, it isn’t in June.  The problem is the pollution level.  Everything beyond about 50 feet starts to have a gray cast to it.

The following photograph is taken from my hotel room.  It’s not foggy or rainy.  It’s not evening.  It’s the middle of a sunny day with perfectly fine weather.  Mother Nature’s weather, that is.  Unfortunately, the man-made weather is all too apparent.


So, yeah, I saw the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square and the Silk Market, some of the Olympic Pavilions and the Hutongs, but the photos aren’t worth a damn.  Go Google those places if you want to see them in living Technicolor.

I will say this, I ate like a king.  The Beijing staff took me out for a different regional cuisine every night and it was all incredible.  And none of it tasted like what we call Chinese food.