Sligo to Galway to Kilkee

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Somehow I didn’t feel like taking my camera out down through Connemara to Galway. Galway was fun; we spent most of our time hopping between pubs and listening to music. Julie and Becca took a day trip up to the Aran Islands. I had intended to go to the fleadh at Ennis but it turned out that the transportation complications were a little more than I expected. I’m sorry I missed it.

The journey to Kilkee a couple days later included the Cliffs of Moher and Poulnabrone.


There were some funny moments at the latter due to a group of modern day druids or animists or something who were there partaking of the aura of a tree, the spirituality of a hole, and the essential nature of several stones. Pat tested it for himself but reported no chi.