Dublin to Ballymoney

…via Newgrange and Dark Hedges…

Dublin was, well, a city. While it’s a nice one, it’s still my least favorite part of the trip. Even as cities go, I prefer Galway. We did the Hop On-Hop Off thing, saw the sights, hit the obligatory pubs, etc. for two days.

Then we headed for Northern Ireland. Our first stop was the passage grave at Newgrange. The outside was as I remembered: a bit too prettified for the tourist trade. The interior, however, is still quite moving and one of my favorite experiences in Ireland. I would love to be able to see it at the winter solstice when the light reaches up the long entrance corridor and illuminates the burial chamber. However, the odds of me winning the lottery for the few slots available are virtually non-existent.

In some ways, the view away from Newgrange to the surrounding countryside is more impressive, if only because of how storybook Ireland it appears.


We then continued on up to Ballymoney, stopping at Dark Hedges. For all that there is a paved road running down the middle, it still has a Tolkien-esque aura. I can see why it became a set for Game of Thrones.