Sheep herding and Tad bought a whistle

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Not really much in the way of pictures from this day.  We headed out on a Ring of Kerry tour.  There was no point in using The Beast since the roads in Kerry are bordered by high hedges.  You need to be up high in a bus to see out.

Except that it was pouring and we couldn’t see out.

Lunch was part of the tour and was godforsaken.

The only thing interesting was that the tour stopped at a farm and watched a man herd sheep using two border collies.  When the dogs were close, he used verbal commands.  As they got too far away to hear his normal speaking voice, he used a whistle.  He had a different set of tone combinations for each dog.  From the distance of about a football field, he had the pair round up the sheep and then cut out a single one and bring it down the hill to him.  It was amazing to watch!


O’Connors Pub in the evening for some good Guinness and good music.  We met Paddy the Groper, an ancient fellow with a bloody nose from face planting on the bar.  As his name suggests, he was a…ummm…friendly fellow.  One of the highlights of the evening was watching a German woman brandish a stool above her head threatening to brain him.