Blarney Castle, another Plan B

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I have a bit of acrophobia.  Not really bad; I’m not my father who became paralytic on the second step of a ladder.  Still, hanging upside down, backwards, 7 stories up in the air, through a hole in a parapet walkway to kiss a stone that is underneath the parapet wall, 3 feet out over the open space ain’t my cup of tea.  I don’t care if some septuagenarian says he’ll reach out and catch all several hundred pounds of me if I slip.


But the byotch…err, my good friend, Laurie…made me do it.

On our way to Killarney, I mentioned, “there’re seals in the harbor of this town called Glengariff.”  Left turn; excellent detour.  We took a boat ride through the harbor to see the seals.


Then we stopped in at the local pub and had a great time being entertained by John, who was obviously a fixture there.  He regaled us with stories about meeting Maureen O’Hara (who lives in the town) and explained that all of Ireland’s woes at the moment were due to the fookin’ volcano in fookin’ Reykjavik.  He was also quite taken with Laurie’s camera and spent a lot of time trying to take videos with a still camera.


Back on the road to Killarney, we had harrowing but breathtaking drive up through the mountains of Beara Peninsula and on to Killarney.