Jump to first day of A Pee and a Pint

Julie and I have traveled with other couples before but this was a our first time traveling with the Harveys.  So, even though we’d been friends for years, there’s always that uncertainty of how you’ll all get along in the close confines of a rental car (hereinafter referred to as The Beast).  By mid-morning—at least for our side of it—we knew there would be no problem.  In fact, it was going to be a lot of fun.  Amidst shouts of, “Stay left!” and “Curb!” (just about the time the tires thumped up over it) we set off for a day trip up to the Newgrange, the passage grave built circa 3200 B.C.

Amazing and totally my cup of tea.  If you think about it, the pyramids in Egypt are old enough to be the only remaining Ancient Wonder of the World and, yet, Newgrange is some 700 years older than they are.  You enter through a small doorway, suck in your gut to get through the tiny space around a massive boulder and find yourself in the beehive-shaped chamber. This is the entrance with one of the many stone carvings in front.


About the only thing better would be to come at dawn on the solstice when the the first rays of the morning sun reach through the roof-box above the entrance and illuminate just the burial chamber while all else is in darkness.wtp-newgrange-01


A quick trip into Navan for lunch at a pub (shocker!) and back to Dublin.