A Pee and a Pint:  When nature calls, the public bathrooms are in pubs.  Then, of course, to be polite, you need to purchase something.  The cycle repeats itself. Guinness in Ireland is nothing like Guinness in the U.S.  It’s rich and chewy and altogether a Good Thing.

Dublin is a nice enough city but largely just a city.  I did find Trinity interesting, especially the Book of Kells.  However, there’s something pretty amazing about visiting a pub that has been in business since before Columbus arrived on our shores…about 300 years before his arrival, in fact.  The Brazen Head, established 1198.


Lots of jet lag for me.  Frank and Laurie were able to suck it up and hit Temple Bar for a night of beer and music, but I was early to bed, I’m afraid.  I’m glad I did as the garbage men were banging away early in the a.m. and the next day’s activities were much more my speed.