Linz, Český Krumlov & České Budějovice

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Monday saw us up and out of Salzburg on our way to České Budějovice – or Chesty Pecanowitz, as it got dubbed.  We stopped in Linz for a bite to eat on the town square and for a glimpse of the Danube…which is certainly not blue.  After lunch, we decided on a semi-Plan B stop in Český Krumlov.  The castle is closed on Mondays but we learned that the castle grounds are open, so a quick look-around seemed in order.  Definitely worth a stop, closed or no!

The view from the castle walls is spectacular and the town looks like something out of a story book.


One incongruous note, however, was watching maintenance vehicles drive up through the interior passages of the castle.  I didn’t have my camera out in time, but just picture a Fiat coming up this hallway while we flatten ourselves against the wall…


After a minor fender bender that left a paint scratch on the rental car (something that would concern me for a few days) we had a great dinner out in České Budějovice.  It’s home to the original Budweiser, a brew I find far more tasty than what comes from Anheuser-Busch.  We met Trish and Will at the restaurant.  They’re a couple who perform a small show called “A Brief History of Beer.”  We’ll have to put them in touch with the Reeds.

We spent the night at Residence U Černé Věže which was far more an efficiency apartment than a hotel, with a kitchen and washer/dryer in the room.