NYC Pub Crawl

A day in New York visiting some pubs that Caitlin picked out: McSorley’s, Jimmy’s No. 43, Idle Hands, The Ginger Man, Jimmy’s Corner.  There were a couple of Plan Bs: Jimmy’s No. 43 didn’t open on time, so we hit Standings first.  Then we were hungry, so we stopped in at The Copper Still (on the recommendation of the waiter at McSorley’s) for some appetizers.

I guess Julie is thirsty...

I guess Julie is thirsty…

Honestly, I could have spent half the day at McSorley’s and the other half at The Copper Still and been totally happy.  The first may or may not be the oldest bar in NYC—depending on whom you ask and how you count—but it’s long on relaxed atmosphere.  There are only two beers you can order:  light and dark.

The second had great food and even better whiskey.  I had my first taste of the Redbreast 15 and quite a wonderful thing it was.


Caitlin & Laurie

Jimmy’s No. 43 is buried in a basement, dark, gloomy and interesting but I preferred McSorley’s.  Standings is a forgettable sports bar; The Ginger Man a generic, modern watering hole; we all found Idle Hands rather unpleasant.  I’ve never been a fan of Jimmy’s Corner, although the Harvey clan loves it.

We hit Rockefeller Center at the end of the day because Caitlin had never seen the tree.


Julie, Pat & Frank