Linz, Český Krumlov & České Budějovice

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Monday saw us up and out of Salzburg on our way to České Budějovice – or Chesty Pecanowitz, as it got dubbed.  We stopped in Linz for a bite to eat on the town square and for a glimpse of the Danube…which is certainly not blue.  After lunch, we decided on a semi-Plan B stop in Český Krumlov.  The castle is closed on Mondays but we learned that the castle grounds are open, so a quick look-around seemed in order.  Definitely worth a stop, closed or no!

The view from the castle walls is spectacular and the town looks like something out of a story book.


One incongruous note, however, was watching maintenance vehicles drive up through the interior passages of the castle.  I didn’t have my camera out in time, but just picture a Fiat coming up this hallway while we flatten ourselves against the wall…


After a minor fender bender that left a paint scratch on the rental car (something that would concern me for a few days) we had a great dinner out in České Budějovice.  It’s home to the original Budweiser, a brew I find far more tasty than what comes from Anheuser-Busch.  We met Trish and Will at the restaurant.  They’re a couple who perform a small show called “A Brief History of Beer.”  We’ll have to put them in touch with the Reeds.

We spent the night at Residence U Černé Věže which was far more an efficiency apartment than a hotel, with a kitchen and washer/dryer in the room.

Salt Mine & Sound of Music

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The impetus for this entire trip was to knock a Sound of Music tour off Laurie’s bucket list and today was the day.

We first headed out to Berchtesgaden for a tour of a salt mine.  Laurie wasn’t entirely happy 1800′ under ground, but we all a good time.  We also all agreed that it was a bit spooky being led by a blonde, blue-eyed, whistling youth in full uniform through door that he locked behind us, while we were all wearing company-issued jumpsuits.

The train ride that took us partway down would never have existing in the United States.  We were moving at a substantial clip with no seatbelts, protective rails, roofs, walls or anything through tunnels where the walls and roof were about one foot away from you.  Stick out your hand and you’d lose it.

After lunch, we went on the Sound of Music tour.  It was a hoot!  Somehow, Nadia got the whole bus singing.  Perhaps it was the fact that she had the bus continue to loop around a traffic circle until we did.  Perhaps it was the beer at lunch.  The apple strudel in Mondsee was the best of the entire trip.